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My life today as a Person in recovery, I stand Proud

by Melody Paul

My daily life is basic today, I have a regular routine that I stick to. I avoid people, places and things that could trigger my Peace. Today I try to live one day at a time, which also means that I have to take care of myself, Body-Mind-Soul.  It is like stepping into a time capsule but instead stepping into a zone free from harm. which may be harm from self, harm from environment, harm from others. 

My recovery has brought me back to the old ways, smudge prayer and acceptance of self and accepting life and people. We can’t change what we could have done but we have the power to move forward. I have gained a new family in my area. People and community that accept me for me with all my defects. 

Today I choose to help the fellow brother or sister who suffers. Guiding them to the old ways is what I feel my ancestors would suggest.  

Avoiding ceremonies for years because I was too stuck getting plastered from substance, hiding away my guilt and shame for years.  I didn’t know there was a warm welcoming community of support. A place where I could just ‘Check in’ without harm. 

Recovery is my yellow brick road, a road that I follow to get that Peace back. Being back in healing circles is what my core desires today. I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t handle a drink or drug in my system because my body is deathly allergic. I will self-destruct then destroy everything around me. Today I live to be positive and happy with what I have created as my peace. People I surround myself with are safe and like me.  

Un-well is what some might say, I stand proud that I’m allergic. I stand proud and not afraid to admit that I’m un-well, I’m an addict and alcoholic but I’m not ashamed. I stand proud that I’m in recovery and getting the support that I needed for years. always know you don’t have to be alone.  

Stand Proud to be you 


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