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While we appreciate your interest in Wabanaki people, culture, and issues, we are only able to respond to questions directly related to our work, please visit our Mission Statement for guidance. 

We offer a variety of resources on our website for self-education. These downloadable resource lists have links to articles and videos.

Don’t miss the news page where you will find dozens of essays contributing to our Voices of Decolonization Blog and an archive of Wabanaki REACH newsletters. 

If you are looking for specific tribal information, please see the respective tribal nation website.

If you want to send us a message or sign up to receive our regular emails and periodic newsletters, complete this form.

Please Note: We are taking a brief pause in accepting Program Requests while we streamline our program scheduling process. 

If you are interested in our programs, complete the Wabanaki REACH - Program Request Form (When Available) and Maine Community Organizer Heather Augustine will contact you to help you choose and schedule the program that is right for your organization, agency, place of worship, community, or school.

Our Mailing Address:
Wabanaki REACH
PO Box 221
Stillwater, ME 04489

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