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Dawnland Signals

Dawnland Signals is a live monthly talk show holding space for critical conversations of Truth, Healing, and Change in the Dawnland. Highlighting Indigenous topics not immediately represented in mainstream media, the show features guests involved in various aspects of truth, healing, and change work in an effort to share, inspire, and inform. 

The show airs on the third Thursday of each month from 4:00 - 5:00 PM and is hosted by Executive Director Maria Girouard and volunteer Esther Anne. 

Due to the pandemic, all shows have been prerecorded. Shows will be live and invite listener participation when it is safe to return to the radio station. 


Send Us a Signal!

Do you have an idea for a show topic? Do you know any inspirational guests we should be interviewing? Do you have information about an amazing organization doing great work?  Send us an email with your suggestions, we are always interested in learning about new projects and meeting new people. If we use your suggestion, we will give you a shout out on the air. 


Dawnland Signals Episodes - Shows are archived on the WERU website:

5/19/22 – Indigenous Birthworkers. Guests: Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino and Taraè Ramos

4/21/22 – Clean, Safe Drinking Water for the People of Sipayik. Guests: Passamaquoddy Tribal Representative Rena Newell, and Holly Cleaves, Sipayik school board member

3/17/22 – Healing to Wellness Court: A model for restorative justice. Guests: Penobscot Tribal Nation Court: Magistrate Judge Rhonda DeContie (Penobscot/Algonquin) and Chief Judge Eric Mehnert

1/20/22 – The Road to Recovery. Guests: Brian Altvater Sr., Passamaquoddy and Melody Paul, Micmac

12/16/21 – The Power of Poetry: Guests: Mihku Paul, Maliseet and Penthea Burns, Wabanaki REACH Board Co chair

11/25/21 – If You Lived During the Plimoth Thanksgiving: Guests: Chris Newell, Passamaquoddy from Motahkmihkuk, author and Co-founder/Director of Education for Akomawt Educational Initiative

10/21/21 – Beyond the Claims – Stories from the Land and the Heart. Guests: Kate Russell, Wabanaki REACH Project Coordinator and Stephanie Bailey, Passamaquoddy from Motahkmihkuk and Project Story Collector

9/16/21 - Native activism at USM. Guest: Mihku Paul, Maliseet First Nations poet, visual artist, storyteller and activist

8/19/21 – Land back and the Passamaquoddy Tribe. Guests: Donald Soctomah, Passamaquoddy elder, historian, and Historic Preservation Officer; Dale Mitchell, Passamaquoddy elder at Sipayik, land steward

7/15/21 – Creative Changemakers: Midcoast Indigenous Awareness Group. Guests: Founding members of MIAG Mia Beale and Ron Nicholas Siviski, Maliseet

6/17/21 – Reclamation of Wabanaki culture and language. Guest: John Dennis, Miqmaw, Cultural Coordinator and Cultural and Historical Preservation Officer for the Mi’kmaq Nation

5/20/21 – Wabanaki Authors: Storytelling and Writing from a Wabanaki Worldview. Guests: Morgan Talty, Penobscot, Associate Professor of English at Husson University, author of the book “Night of the Living Rez”; and Suzanne Greenlaw, Maliseet artist and PhD student; and Gabe Frey, artist and master basketmaker, authors of the children’s book “The First Blade of Sweetgrass” 

4/15/21 – Maine’s efforts to fully comply with the ICWA. Guests: Normal Saulis, Penobscot, ICWA Coordinator for Aroostook Band of Micmacs; Martha Proulx, Maine Office of Child and Family Services and ICWA Liaison; Xi Chen, Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Maine Attorney General

3/18/21 – Return to the Teachings 2, Wabanaki traditions. Guest: Wayne Newell, PhD, Passamaquoddy elder activist and scholar from Indian Township

2/18/21= Community Theater. Guests: Carol Dana, Penobscot elder and language master; Margo Lukens, professor of English at UMO; Heather Augustine, Wabanaki REACH community organizer

1/21/21 – Return to the teachings. Guest: Dr. Imelda Perley Opolahsomuwehs, Maliseet First Nation, University of New Brunswick

12/17/20 – The Power of Song. Guests: Sarah Dewitt, Micmac; Suzie Lewey, Passamaquoddy; Julie Miller, Micmac- members of Mawitan’e E’pitjig; and Dwayne Soctomah, Passamaquoddy language teacher

11/19/20 – Land Acknowledgements. Guests: Dr. Darren Ranco, Penobscot, Chair Native American Programs, UMaine; Diane Oltarzewski, Belfast resident, Maine-Wabanaki REACH board

10/15/20 – Maine Indian Land Claims: Origins, Intent, and Outcome. Maria switched seats for this show taking on the guest role while Esther Ann hosted.

9/17/20 – Indigenous Knowledge of Love. Special guest: Dr. Rebecca Sockbeson, Penobscot, Associate Professor for the Indigenous People Education Program, University of Alberta

8/20/20 – Tribal Language Revitilization. Special guest: Carol Dana, Penobscot Language Keeper

7/16/20 – Tribal Sovereignty. Special guests: Mark Chavaree, Penobscot, Michael Corey Hinton, Passamaquoddy Tribe, and Penthea Burns, Wabanaki REACH

6/18/20 – Remembering the Truth Commission in Maine. Special guests: Carol Wishcamper, Sandy Whitehawk, and Gail Werrback – all served as commissioners on the historic Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission

5/21/20 – Food as Medicine. Special guests: Alivia Moore, Penobscot, co-founder Eastern Woodlands Rematriation, Brian Altvater, Passamaquoddy, Wabanaki REACH and co-founder Schoodic Riverkeepers

4/16/20 DEBUT – The Power of Talking Circles. Guest: Alivia Moore, Penobscot, circle facilitator for Wabanaki REACH