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Mission, Vision & Values


We support the self-determination of Wabanaki people through education, truth-telling, restorative justice, and restorative practices in Wabanaki and Maine communities.

We design our structures and processes to be responsive to Wabanaki communities and beneficial to Wabanaki people.


We envision a future when Maine and Wabanaki people join together to acknowledge truth and work collectively toward equity, healing, and positive change.

We aspire to restore right relations, responsibility, compassion, love, reciprocity, abundance, and joy.


We believe in the natural strength and beauty of Wabanaki culture, language and ways of being.

We believe in the power of Wabanaki people learning the truth about history and reclaiming traditional healing practices.

We honor and promote Wabanaki values of taking care of one another, of being grateful, joyful, loving and forgiving.