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Wabanaki Health, Wellness and Self Determination

Whether we’re talking about educational outcomes, whether we’re talking about economic success … getting that cultural base connection we’re finding is equaling success in all those other areas.”

– Wabanaki chief


REACH believes in the natural strength and beauty of Wabanaki culture, language and ways of being; REACH believes in the power of Wabanaki people learning the truth about history and reclaiming traditional healing practices; REACH honors and promotes Wabanaki values of taking care of one another, of being grateful, joyful, loving and forgiving.





We provide education of history, intergenerational trauma and strength, and teach strategies for wellness, sharing our knowledge of tools and techniques for healing. REACH’s approach to wellness is community-driven; we present ourselves as a resource to Wabanaki communities to support already existing wellness efforts as well as engage communities in new wellness activities.




In Wabanaki communities, activities include educational events, wellness workshops, development of an anti-bullying kindness curriculum and community theater. Welcoming Wabanaki people home who were separated through relocation, foster care, adoption or incarceration helps guide our work in communities and in the Maine corrections system. REACH provides healing circles and opportunities for Wabanaki inmates to connect with their heritage and communities. 



Wabanaki health, wellness and self-determination means learning about history, grieving our losses, lifting up our hopes, and working together to ensure a vibrant life for future generations.

For more information, contact Maria Girouard, Coordinator of Wabanaki Health, Wellness and Self-Determination

Representing REACH, Maria presents a Wabanaki perspective of truth, healing and change at an event held in Portland in November, 2014.

Genocide and ME: Shining the Light of Truth.

At the same event, Mihku Paul recited a poem about the history of Portland and the Fort Loyal Massacre.