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Food Sovereignty

We provide education and engage in activities that build the capacity of Wabanaki people to feed their families and communities and increase their understanding of how stewardship of land and waters impacts wellness. 

We focus on decolonizing our diets - educating about how indigenous food ways have been interrupted by colonization, and supporting the production of food and medicine, seed sharing, and other collaborations with tribal food projects.

We are committed to the transmission of knowledge to coming generations, and cultivate Wabanaki youth to engage in community work - gardening, hosting community suppers, feeding elders, distributing food, learning proper protocol and traditions around gift giving, gratitude, ceremonies, and identification of plants, trees, and medicines. 

A few of our past projects include:

  • Creating a medicine garden with Sipayik school children, planting food gardens with the Sipayik youth council, and co-creating food gardens for the Indian Island day care 
  • Providing technical and hands-on support to help Indian Township Food Pantry Gardens expand food production with a hoop house
  • Hosting a meet and greet with author and biologist Robin Wall Kimmerer at The People’s Garden on Indian Island 
  • Providing education in Wabanaki communities about co-operative economies and how they are aligned with Wabanaki ways. 
  • In collaboration with the Schoodic Riverkeepers, hosting a 5K History Run in Calais along the river now known as the St. Croix to bring awareness to the connection between our wellness and the health of the river ecosystem.