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We hold our annual Wabanaki Wellness Gatherings in or near tribal communities for Wabanaki people and friends to learn, celebrate, and engage in activities around a particular theme. We come together to nurture our relations, make new connections,  spark new ideas, and highlight the brilliant knowledge of fellow Wabanaki people.

We held our inaugural gathering in 2014 in Trescott with the theme: Wabanaki Sense of Place and followed with:

2015 Indian Island - Nurturing our Connections

2016 Indian Township - Food as Medicine: Decolonizing our Diets 

2017 Sipayik - Art, Music, and Healing

2018 Old Town - Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices

2019 Portland – Belonging

We will gather again when it is safe. 


During many Gatherings, we performed a staged reading of the play Indian Radio Days: An Evolving Bingo Experience, written by native playwrights LeAnne Howe and the late Roxy Gordon. This energetic play is a hilarious way to learn a bit about the history of America.

In 2020, since we were not able to gather safely, we connected through Zoom and had a wonderful time recording scenes from the play. We followed this with a special viewing and panel discussion on the power of community theater.  


Grandmother’s Love

Our Grandmothers have taught us that love is sacred and to always help one another. 
In these stressful times we may long for the simplicity and strength of our Grandmother’s comforting presence.

Grandmother’s Love is a program that was established as a way to provide support to Wabanaki people during the pandemic. We provide low-barrier, one-time financial assistance to families to put food in the refrigerator, pay the rent, help with an emergency vehicle repair, etc. So far, we have assisted 42 families throughout the state and have provided donations to five tribal food pantries. Any donation you make to Grandmother’s Love will go directly to helping Wabanaki people in need.