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Sipayik, by Suzie Neptune


As the night of a new dawn shine bright 

Rusty and old here I sit and watch

Like sentries surrounded

Standing by are the soldiers of old

Guardian’s vigil at the light


A warm frosty breath swirl around me

Silent deafening to the roar of the caps on the front

Dancing blue with the white of wind

Surrounding twin giants who play with little


From black to gray to white

I count the moon with each passing light

An empty house silently prays

Solace found no more


From east to west they go

Over and down the rise they rest

A mournful cry of memory lest forgot


The ebb of time has split

Waltzing to and fro salty tendrils flow

When the feather sheds its moon

Fresh joins the salt


Rooted deep in the land

The will of Our besieged

The cadence of ancient whisper bear scars of our sorrow


Lulled by the song of our dance

Time has born endurance

Tall as strong they stand

with each passing fall


Bound to a rock born by many

I watch the rise that surrounds us all

I cannot stand nor leave

As the chill of shadow melds away

Birth of dawn paints the day

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