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Truth & Peacemaking

View of the sunrise from Baxter

We are excited about our new truth-telling project focused on the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act and accompanying state legislation, the Maine Implementing Act. This project is responsive to repeated calls for a restorative, peacemaking process centered on Wabanaki-State relations.

In 2020, we watched as yet another legislative effort to bring about changes to the Settlement Act ran up against barriers and lost progress. Throughout the process surrounding LD 2094, our ears were attuned to the voices of many people who knew history, who understood historical trauma, and who wanted to do better. 

We strongly feel that the venue for change does not rest solely in the legislature but with the people. We believe in the healing power of storytelling, of moving the conversation from the head to the heart and finding our shared humanity in the story. 

This truth-telling project will draw on Wabanaki traditions and ways of knowing and being using oral history and storytelling – different from our prior rich experience with the truth commission.

We hope you will join us on this new journey as we engage with the memories and impacts of the Maine Indian land claims settlement.  

Your one-time donation or recurring monthly contribution will support our effort to educate, organize, engage, and support Wabanaki and Maine people through a truth-telling, healing process.